Explore the Bible Study: Accept It

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We all know the phrase, "When someone gives you lemons, make lemonade." But do you really live your Christian faith in this way? What if you believed God was leading you in a certain direction, yet you met resistance or even downright anger? What if you shared your faith with someone and it was met with the vilest response? How would you respond? This is the focus of LifeWay's Explore The Bible Study: Accept It.

This study from Genesis 37 introduces us to Joseph as he experiences the resistance of his brothers to the fact that God was going to work through Joseph's life. He was met with the vilest and most unfathomable response from his brothers. As you guide your group, keep in mind the TARGET for this study.

God can overcome people's evil intentions, turning the effects of those intentions for His good purposes.

Use the Image Above
The image at the top of this blog post could be used as a part of the introduction to the session as you seek to get your group to LOOK UP and pay attention to what the Bible passages say. There is also a story related to the inventor of Play-Doh®. Be sure to check it out. The Explore the Bible material references the story, but Northside Baptist Church (my church) has a unique connection to the story. The inventor's family actually attends our church, so I have added a few more details that were shared with me.

The downloadable teaching helps provide more details to the story.

Two-Fold Challenge For Your Group
  1. Challenge the group to guard their hearts from jealousy of those whom God is using in His service. 
  2. Challenge the group to look for the long game when serving God. We know that, ultimately, even what others intend for bad, God can use for good, so that His plans can be accomplished. God can take situations that seem to be “lemons” and make lemonade, even when everything seems to be going against us.

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