Explore the Bible Study: Transformed

11:24 AM

We see transformation everywhere we look. Consider the amazing and complicated transformation that takes place when a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, when a seed becomes a plant, or when a candy maker transforms a blob of ingredients into something as good as taffy! Yet we know that each of these transformations requires a breaking and a struggle. The same is true in the life of Jacob in Genesis 32:24-32. God brings him to a point in which he is transformed from a deceiver into a man whom God uses to continue His covenant of grace with the Israelites. Perhaps we can learn something about our own transformations as we study this week's Explore the Bible Study: Transformed by LifeWay.

As you lead your group, consider using one of the two options for introducing the session. One involves displaying seeds and discussing the transformation of a seed into a plant. The following video provides an option you could use along with the discussion.

The second illustration involves purchasing and distributing taffy to your group as they arrive. Then lead a discussion on the process it takes to produce taffy. The following video could be used to prompt more discussion.

No matter the direction you take with your group, be sure to focus on the TARGET of this session which helps us understand that "God transforms people for use in His divine plan."

Jacob is a great example of this truth. Jacob was at a point in his life where he would not let go until he heard from God. He had experienced so much trouble because of his choices, yet God was still calling out to Jacob. Finally, Jacob was literally and figuratively broken so that he had no choice but to hold on to God.

Perhaps you are still in the middle of a wrestling match with God. He desires for your life to be transformed, but you must be determined to “not let go” of God. He wants you to know that He is present and desires a relationship. He will transform you if you will just hold on to Him.


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