Explore The Bible Study: Jesus Promises

9:00 AM

Just wait until your father gets home! What comes to mind when you hear this statement? In many instances this statement is used as a threat with hopes of changing a child’s behavior when he/she is misbehaving . But it doesn’t have to always be used in this manner. However it is used, this promise should prompt a change in behavior. In LifeWay's Explore The Bible Study this week, we will look at Jesus' promise to return. His promise to return should prompt us to behave differently as well.

As your group focuses on Mark 13:24-37, be sure to focus on the following TARGET: Jesus' promise to return to establish His eternal kingdom should change how we live as believers.

Caution: As is the case when studying any passage that focuses on the return of Christ, we can get bogged down by focusing too much on the nuances of the different eschatological views. While this is important, it is not the intended TARGET for this week's session. This session focuses on how we are to live as we anticipate Jesus' promised return.

Consider using the following video to prompt conversation at the beginning of the session: The point of the video is how the son responded when his father returned from deployment. 


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