Explore The Bible Study: Jesus Purifies

9:11 AM

A few months ago a friend of mine invited me to tour the car manufacturing facility in which he works. The facility was huge and their commitment to quality control was amazing. While on the tour he pointed out the painting facility. He explained to me that everyone going into that area is monitored for impurities that might hurt the paint. Everyone who works in that area can only wear one type of antiperspirant, because other brands contain elements that could hurt the paint. Now this is quality control! In the Explore The Bible Study: Jesus Purifies, Jesus, exercises quality control with regard to worship.

As I studied this week's passage I thought about the fact that we exercise quality control with so many things in our lives. We monitor impurities and faults in the foods we eat, the cars we drive, the building products we purchase, the fertilizer we put on our yards, and the list could go on and on. Yet I am amazed and convicted that when Jesus, His Word, or others exercise quality control and point out some impurities in the way we worship or live for Him, we respond by ignoring, defending, rationalizing, or with annoyance.

I pray the supplemental teaching ideas will help your group consider the impurities that might be evident in their worship.

Video Option
The following video could be used to introduce Mark 11:15-19

PowerPoint Option
The following link will provide you with a PowerPoint option that contains images to help you as you describe the locations and items described in this week's passage, including:
  • Pictures of the path Jesus followed when He entered Jerusalem
  • Temple images illustrating the location of the Court of the Gentiles and the Treasury
  • Image of a widow’s mite


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