Explore The Bible Study: Entrusted

3:39 PM

In a 2011 survey it was discovered that even though nearly 70% of family businesses would like to pass their business on to the next generation, only 30% will actually be successful at transitioning to the next generation. It was Paul’s desire to entrust the “business” of the gospel to Timothy and the generations that would follow. The Explore the Bible Study: Entrusted will explore this as we begin a new series focused on 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus.

As you guide your group through the first session, consider challenging them to answer these questions:
  • Are you so moved by the grace Christ gave you when He saved you that you are passionate about sharing and showing the good news of Jesus Christ to others, beginning with your family? 
  • Are you investing in others so that they are capable of being entrusted with the gospel message? 
  • Could you entrust the gospel to your family members or closest friends? Why or why not?
Because we have been entrusted with the gospel, we should not only be investing in others, but we must also be vigilant regarding our own lifestyle as well. Ask God to help you become the kind of disciple who is worthy to be entrusted with the gospel message.

Resources to Consider Using
  • There are PowerPoint slides that can be used when introducing the session. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD.
  • The following link from ReConnectSS provides a great overview of 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus. CLICK HERE TO VIEW

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