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If you were a construction site supervisor, you would always be watching to make sure that every part of the project was meeting specific standards from the ground up. You would be giving commands or instructions to your workers regarding the standards that were needed. These standards would be crucial if you were to successfully complete the project. LifeWay's Explore the Bible study: Commanded, focuses on Exodus 20:1-17 this week. God is giving instructions to the Israelites so that they might successfully live as the people of God. They were already God's chosen people that had been taken out of Egypt, but now Egypt (the lifestyle, views, beliefs, etc.) needed to be taken out of them!

Caution: This could turn in to a very detailed and lengthy discussion with many rabbit trails. The group could zero in on the politics of removing the Ten Commandment monuments, the current moral deprivation of our society, and everything in between. While all these paths could obviously be worthy of discussion, remain focused on the TARGET: God gives clear standards for holy living.

Supporting Materials
The following resources could be used to help you with background study and personal study. Some of the materials are referenced in the teaching ideas.
Audio Sermon - Who Takes 1st Place? by Alistair Begg
Alistair gives a great overview of the Ten Commandments in the first half of this sermon. It is the basis for a handout that is provided with the teaching helps.

This study should conclude with an emphasis that only through Christ's atonement for sins can someone truly change. Alistair Begg stated it this way: The law shows me I’m a sinner. It sends me to Christ for Salvation. Christ returns me to the law in order to frame my new way of life. The Spirit of God works to change my heart. The Holy Spirit will say to me as a believer, "You want to love the Lord your God? Here is how you do this, strive to live by the first four commandments. You need to love your neighbor as yourself? Here is how you do this, strive to live by the last six commandments.”

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