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Our community is experiencing a building boom. There is new construction taking place everywhere, and as with any construction project, detailed building blueprints need to be followed completely and exactly. In Exodus 25, God tells Moses about a construction project that He is inviting the people of God to join Him in building - The Tabernacle. He gives detailed instructions that lay out the complete project from start to finish. As your group studies the LifeWay Explore the Bible Study: Equipped, consider how God's instructions point to an even greater construction project - the building of new hearts for those in which the Spirit of God may reside and the role each believer should play in bringing this project to completion.

Background Study
Consider listening to the following audio sermon from Adrian Rogers to gain a better understanding of the Tabernacle - SERMON AUDIO

The Tabernacle
Consider using the following image to supplement your overview of the items needed to build the Tabernacle, Exodus 25:1-7.

Caution - Most videos and images found when doing an internet search for the Tabernacle are created by the Later Day Saints (LDS, Mormons) and are not acceptable for use. Be sure to verify the source of any video before using.

Word Pronunciations
Click on each word to listen
You have an opportunity during this session to help your group understand how God has equipped them to be a part of His work today of rebuilding the hearts of men into a "Holy Sanctuary" in which His Spirit resides. Consider incorporating into your study 1 Corinthians 3:5-17 in order to make this emphasis.

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