Explore the Bible Study: Rebellion

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Recently our family was on vacation. We all left at different times. Becky and I made it to our destination in good time. However, our oldest son and daughter-in-law, sat on the interstate for 5 hours, turning an 8 hour trip into a 13 hour trip with two small children. When we are in situations like this, we are all tempted to react in ways that might demonstrate to others our lack of trust in God. Fortunately, for our son and his family, this wasn't the case. But, this wasn't true for the Israelites in LifeWays Explore the Bible Study: Rebellion based upon Exodus 32.

The people of God quickly forgot, "God their Savior who did great things in Egypt, wonderful works in the land of Ham, awe-inspiring acts at the Red Sea" (Psalm 106:21-22). It took them approximately 100 days to forget! As you lead your group to examine Exodus 32, help them evaluate how they respond to God when they face life's delays.

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