Explore the Bible: Approaching the King

6:40 PM

Our Heavenly Father is the King of kings! We have a Father who can hear us, and we have the King who can answer us! So how should we approach the Father, the King of kings, through prayer? That is the question we want to explore in this week's Explore the Bible study, Approaching the King, as we focus on Matthew 6:5-18.

The following ideas could be used as a part of this week's session:
  • Illustration: 10 Palace Principles and Etiquette Before the King. Use as a part of your LOOK UP section to introduce the study.
  • Activity: Use index cards as a part of the LOOK UP introduction. Ask each person in the group to write their definition of prayer. End the LOOK OUT session of the study by asking the group to tweak their definition based on the study.
  • Illustration: Consider using the illustration from the Explore the Bible Extra as a part of the study as needed. It is a great illustration related to people's response to the Lord's Prayer.
  • Video: The following video could be used in the place of reading the Model Prayer passages, Matthew 6:9-13.


After the Dropbox file opens choose DOWNLOAD and print once it is downloaded.

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