Explore the Bible: Two Paths and One Choice

5:00 AM

Are you usually the last one to order when you are with a group at a restaurant? I am! I can never decide what to order, especially if there are so many choices. While there are times when we have multiple choices to make, when it comes to following Christ, He gives us two paths and one choice that is correct. 

Jesus bringing the Sermon on the Mount to a conclusion as we focus on Matthew 7:13-27. Jesus uses a series of illustrations in which He sets forth several serious alternatives people choose and the resulting consequences or blessings, emphasizing that there is truly only one choice - the path of following Christ.


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LOOK UP Illustration: What if you went to a restaurant that had 1810 items on the menu? According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the record for the largest menu consists of 1810 different items achieved by the restaurant Mofarguru (Hun) in Budapest, Hungary, in October 2005.

LOOK IN Video Option for discussing Matthew 7:13-14

LOOK OUT Discussion Options:
  • Have you entered the narrow Gate? Are you truly following Christ? Have you done the “will of the Father” and accepted Christ as your Savior? Does your life fruit give evidence to that?
  • Are you staying on the “difficult road” or are you trying to broaden the path in order to make following Christ easier?
  • Are you listening to the right people?
  • Is your life built on the solid foundation of God’s Word?
  • What do you have to do to stay on the narrow path?
  • How can you help others remain solid in their faith and stay on the narrow path?
  • How can you help others choose the right path, especially those who you think are still wrestling with the most important choice regarding following Christ and their eternal destiny?
We make choices every day. But trusting in Jesus is the only way we can experience a real, fruitful, and rock solid life. He is the only way that leads to eternal life. Choosing any other way leads to destruction and eternal consequences. Let’s help those who don’t know Him understand this as we seek to lead this group session.


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