Explore the Bible: Carrying Christs Values

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Laws - Laws - Laws. Did you know that some sources state that, on average, we break at least three federal laws a day! There are so many laws in our land that it is difficult to know what is right any more. That is why we, as believers, must look beyond the law and live a life of carrying Christ's values.

We will be focusing on Matthew 5:17-26 and Matthew 5:43-48. The study of these passages was designed to focus on the national Sanctity of Human Life emphasis for 2016. As I prepared I found it difficult to make the passages speak solely to that subject.

Jesus used these passages to explain that He came to fulfill the Law and the Prophets - the Old Testament. The entire OT points to His first coming and His anticipated second return. Jesus used the Sermon on the Mount to clarify the meaning of the law as it relates to several subjects. We are specifically focusing on how Jesus set the standard of how to relate to other people regarding murder and hate. He raised the bar so high that it becomes obvious that His way of life is unattainable without a Savior completely transforming our hearts.

The following video link provides you with an overview of how to understand the contrast between the words "Kill" and "Murder." I suggest you preview this video in order to gain a further understanding of the difference. CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO

The following video could be used to supplement your study. 

To help explain Matthew 5:43-48. Great testimony!

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